open-Source Research Material

Welcome to the OE open source page. During the course of our R&D, we do an awful lot of research, much of which is informed by our collaborations with Cardiff Metropolitan University. It would be an almighty shame if this research was held tightly to our chests and not available for the wider benefit of all (worse still if shoved in a drawer and forgotten). We hope you find these resources interesting and thought provoking. If you're interested in collaborating with us further, please do get in touch.

Odoni Elwell at the European Steel Energy and Environment Congress 2014: Research into the envrionmental impacts of steel coating processes. 

The large majority of our products are designed and constructed from steel. The reason we use steel so frequently is because it is strong, tough, abundant, affordable and importantly; infinitely recyclable!  These properties make it the ideal material to provide the functional requirements our client’s desire from our products.  Steel is also durable and long-lasting but only on the provision that it is given the correct and appropriate corrosion protection. Otherwise, as we all know, if left exposed in the outdoors it will corrode, rust and decay.


To counter the damaging effects of steel’s weak link and avoid corrosion, we offer three different coating options with our products.  We can either galvanise the steel, powder coat (paint) it or do both and galvanise and powder coat together.  Unfortunately (and unavoidably) these coatings have less than desirable impacts. And given that steel has so many benefits from an environmental perspective; we were intrigued about the effects these coating options have on our products and their environmental impacts.


We recently completed a two year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the Ecodesign Centre and Cardiff School of Art and Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University.  As part of the partnership we published research that analysed the effects of these coating options on steel products as illustrated in the case of our Spaceman Scooter Rack. Click the link to the left to read the research paper that was presented at the European Steel Energy and Environment Congress, 2014.

Cardiff Council's Really Rubbish Campaign:
Waste Workshop Presentation 

This short presentation formed the basis of a waste workshop delivered to Cardiff school children as part of 'The really rubbish campaign' in July of 2015. Whilst the content itself isn't ground breaking, doesn't dispel any myths and is largely common sense, it does give an example of how we as organisations, can provide education and mentoring to younger (and future) generations. This particular workshop was very rewarding, with excellent feedback from the school children, teachers and Cardiff Council representatives. 


Engaging with the communities in which we work is an often overlooked, but valuable consideration for businesses who wish to play an active part in society. Click on the icon to the left to view the presentation.