Odoni-Elwell design and manufacture cycle storage and parking products and steel framed buildings. These 11 adjectives describe everything we want to be as an organisation. 


OE believes in intelligently designed, innovative, creative, sustainable, British (Welsh more specifically!) products. We take an awful lot of pride in our award nominated design processes and try to consider all facets of the lifecycle of our products. We don't just think about the products we produce; like you, we enjoy using them too. 

Environmental policies are interesting things. Often they are a company’s way of communicating its genuine environmental intent. Sometimes they are a rigid dictum, a bureaucratic framework within which the company feels forced to fit. Occasionally they are produced to ensure that the company does not stand out by virtue of being environmentally ambiguous.


We belong to the first group. Our policy is simple. We make cycle storage equipment and modular buildings, by hand and in the UK. We’d like to do this for a very long time. We’d like to do this by being responsible in the way that we source, manufacture and help at end of product life And finally, we’d like to do this with products that enhance the local environment whenever the opportunity exists.


To keep us honest, we collaborate with academic institutions, utilise user centric design principles and employ ecodesign led philosophies. As a consequence, our product range is always adapting to try and keep up with society’s changing needs and the pressures that bear upon it. We hope that you find our products and services are:


  • Sourced locally or have a locally sourced alternative.

  • Consider the life cycle of the product.

  • Improve biodiversity where possible.

  • Environmentally respectful (replacing any practises that can be improved as our ability to do so grows).


We’ll achieve these aims through commitment, the ongoing education of our work force, constant review of our principles and the delivery of a product that lives up to them.  


Over the coming weeks Odoni-Elwell will be publishing a blog series focusing on sustainble design and related themes. In particular we will be detailing the companies efforts to demonstrate our environmental credentials.

Odoni-Elwell are proud members of Cynnal Cymru.